This blog will challenge you to break, change and make new rules in your life. It will encourage you to rebel [stand in opposition] of stereotypes, perceptions and opinions that would dissuade you from living an authentic life. I hope it will help you to see that as a person with a given life purpose from God, that you are needed, loved and valued. It will give you practical tools, resources and recommendations. Most of all, I hope it lets you know someone is listening and someone cares.

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  • Healing in Analogue Art

    I picked up art again when I was going through a traumatic loss.  It seemed the losses were compounding and my heart was grieving and angry.  Instead of lashing out, I took to my iPad (Adobe Draw) and started expressing what my lips did not have words for.  It started with the blind analogue drawings.  This is the result.  To see more go here.

  • Meet Manning

    Welcome! I am glad you stopped by.  My name is Manning Stinson (think of Peyton Manning) and I am a licensed life and wellness coach,  I will aadmit, I am a bit of a rebel and do not take anythaing at face value.  I can be stubborn too especially when I care deeply about something or someone. Life is fluid and our response must be fluid (read adaptable, flexible and…

  • Manning’s Story

    How I finally ended up doing what I was called to do. Many of you are familiar with my story.  For those of you who are not here is the cliff notes version. When I moved out to Katy it was to get a new start after my best friend and mentor, Karen passed away. Staying in my old place was too hard emotionally because of all the memories.  I…

  • Freestyle w/fins

    Meet Matthew. This was a college student who I trained from the ground up. When he came to me he did not know how to swim and within six months developed into what you see in this video. After teaching body awareness and body balance, I move onto streamline and then freestyle. Here Matthew is taking long strokes and using fins to help propel himself through the water. His fins…

  • Freestyle w/snorkel

    I love working with older adults who have recently retired and have chosen to take up swimming as way to maintain their cardiovascular health.  As part of a long set, I encourage my clients to use a snorkel as it limits the need to take breaths through rotary (side) or rhythmic (alternating sides) breathing.  It also slows them down so they can concentrate of their technique and build the right…

  • Hypermobile and a weak back

    This was a client of mine who is a triathlete who needed to work on her swimming.  She  was very strong in her running and cycling portions but could not hold herself up (kept sinking) in the swim portion.  You will see here in the video that she demonstrated hypermbility in the low back.  She was having trouble stabilizing and engaging the low back so that it could be the…

  • harveyIrma-300x135.png

    Trauma & Hope

    In the last three weeks, the south/southeast part of the US has unwillingly been subjected to the “collusion” of two deadly storms. Harvey took aim at Texas and left his mark of destruction with flooded homes, cars and leaving people homeless. Irma, the jealous one decided to outdo herself, showoff and settle the score by making her mark on the Caribbean & Florida. It is atmospheric “sibling” rivalry at its best.

    Needless to say, we the unwilling participants, the people who live in these areas, who have family in these areas, are having to figure out a “new normal.” Even those who have survivor’s guilt. Let’s just be plain my city (Houston) is experiencing shock and trauma. We still have roads that are flooded, homes that are being gutted, and people still living in shelters.

  • Church. Love. Community

    The word “church” makes my skin crawl and I want to squeal in terror when I hear it!  You can imagine that picture right?  Ever since I gave my heart to the Lord in the late ’80’s.  I have been progressively growing in my relationship with Him.   There is no doubt I love him and he unconditionally loves me.  His passion and his heart for humanity are unrelenting.Yet, sadly the church as I have known it and in my own experience has failed me and maybe you too.

    Unfortunately even in well meaning churches there are symptoms of spiritual abuse.  But God in his patient and persevering nature led me to meet Pastor’s Arthur and Debra Lee, then Pastor’s of Freedom Tabernacle.

  • coffee-shop-1045100_1920-1024x683-300x200.jpg

    Letting Go & Coffee Shop Friends

    I started writing this post yesterday but when I was adding a link I clicked “cancel” and everything just went away, not to be recaptured again. Unless, it was written again. The irony of it all is that sometimes God has to rewrite our story for us. He is the author and finisher of our faith. Right now this truth doesn’t sit all that well with me. It seems He has authored a season of relational disconnect for me. My perspective only, but dare I say perspective is everything. How one sees a particular situation can color it completely different than it truly is.

    I cried all day yesterday, cancelled my church membership, and yelled at my cats for pooping outside the litter box. They sense my anger, fear, anxiety and stress. My fur babies are forgiving so all will be well again, but am I so forgiving with myself? You see, on May 25, 2014 my world as I knew it would be catapulted into a “new normal.”

  • Qi-Gong (Beginner’s Intro)

    Beginning Qi Gong exercises. This set has an extra Pulling Down the Heavens since I was trying to do it from memory. I also shortened the amount of repetitions since I had practiced several times before. It was done outside so the heat began to get to me and the individual filming. Need lots of practice since both me and my friend are beginners.