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  • Handstand in Pajamas

    One of my goals has been to do a handstand again. Been practicing in pool with no gravity but finally strong enough to do them on land with the help of a wall. First one didn’t go so well. Gradually got better in the last two. Great for body awareness, flexibility and strength conditioning.

    It took me almost six months of consistent work in the pool before I had enough arm strength to hold myself up on land without injury.  Now I working on my next goal which is a full split and backbend.  What are your goals?  Keep practicing, you will eventually get there!

    Oh and yes, I make noises!

  • Music and Frequencies of Healing

    Sound has been utilized in various cultures as a tool for healing for many years.  We each carry a vibrational frequency and resonance.  Both positivity and negativity have a certain frequency.  Shifts in our brainwaves happen by entrainment  essentially tuning our brain to a certain frequency.  A Sound Healing session is both a passive and participatory experience. I believe in sound healing and its power to heal us from trauma.…