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  • Client Story: Sharon

    CLIENT STORY:SHARON Sharon and I connected after she found me when doing a google search for adult swim instructors. She had taken lessons before but never learned to swim. Suffering from an immense amount of fear of water after witnessing a drowning, her goal at first was simply to become comfortable with being in the water. She told me immediately, and matter of factly that she would not put her…
  • Client Story: Kim

    CLIENT STORY:KIM Kim started training with me after she returned from a trip to Hawaii. She and her partner had taken a vacation and while there, Kim realized learning to swim was needed. Kim is tall, retired military and a former track and field athlete so much of her strength is in her lower body. She was scared of getting water over her head and only felt comfortable in waist…
  • Client Story: Daron

    CLIENT STORY: DARON Daron came to me in March, 2019. He was seeking a health change and started teaching himself how to swim. We worked together for three months and progressed him from struggling how to float (back and front) to completing his first open water swim only 5 months after he learned how to swim.   BEGINNING OF TRAINING When Daron and I started working together, he was swimming…
  • Manning’s Story

    Manning’s Story https://vimeo.com/237120917 How I finally ended up doing what I was called to do. Many of you are familiar with my story.  For those of you who are not here is the cliff notes version. When I moved out to Katy it was to get a new start after my best friend and mentor, Karen passed away. Staying in my old place was too hard emotionally because of all…

  • harveyIrma-300x135.png

    Trauma & Hope

    In the last three weeks, the south/southeast part of the US has unwillingly been subjected to the “collusion” of two deadly storms. Harvey took aim at Texas and left his mark of destruction with flooded homes, cars and leaving people homeless. Irma, the jealous one decided to outdo herself, showoff and settle the score by making her mark on the Caribbean & Florida. It is atmospheric “sibling” rivalry at its best.

    Needless to say, we the unwilling participants, the people who live in these areas, who have family in these areas, are having to figure out a “new normal.” Even those who have survivor’s guilt. Let’s just be plain my city (Houston) is experiencing shock and trauma. We still have roads that are flooded, homes that are being gutted, and people still living in shelters.

  • Church. Love. Community

    The word “church” makes my skin crawl and I want to squeal in terror when I hear it!  You can imagine that picture right?  Ever since I gave my heart to the Lord in the late ’80’s.  I have been progressively growing in my relationship with Him.   There is no doubt I love him and he unconditionally loves me.  His passion and his heart for humanity are unrelenting.Yet, sadly the church as I have known it and in my own experience has failed me and maybe you too.

    Unfortunately even in well meaning churches there are symptoms of spiritual abuse.  But God in his patient and persevering nature led me to meet Pastor’s Arthur and Debra Lee, then Pastor’s of Freedom Tabernacle.

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    Letting Go & Coffee Shop Friends

    I started writing this post yesterday but when I was adding a link I clicked “cancel” and everything just went away, not to be recaptured again. Unless, it was written again. The irony of it all is that sometimes God has to rewrite our story for us. He is the author and finisher of our faith. Right now this truth doesn’t sit all that well with me. It seems He has authored a season of relational disconnect for me. My perspective only, but dare I say perspective is everything. How one sees a particular situation can color it completely different than it truly is.

    I cried all day yesterday, cancelled my church membership, and yelled at my cats for pooping outside the litter box. They sense my anger, fear, anxiety and stress. My fur babies are forgiving so all will be well again, but am I so forgiving with myself? You see, on May 25, 2014 my world as I knew it would be catapulted into a “new normal.”

  • Handstand in Pajamas

    One of my goals has been to do a handstand again. Been practicing in pool with no gravity but finally strong enough to do them on land with the help of a wall. First one didn’t go so well. Gradually got better in the last two. Great for body awareness, flexibility and strength conditioning.

    It took me almost six months of consistent work in the pool before I had enough arm strength to hold myself up on land without injury.  Now I working on my next goal which is a full split and backbend.  What are your goals?  Keep practicing, you will eventually get there!

    Oh and yes, I make noises!

  • Love and Healing

    It has been quite a ride for the last couple of weeks as I have had the opportunity to work with several individuals completely new to Reiki and Energy Medicine. I applaud their willingness and trust in me as a practitioner to help them through things that they have been struggling with. It has been a learning experience for me as well, as I have often heard the comment “You knew things that you didn’t have any previous knowledge of”.

    The repeated comments from different individuals tells me that this living energy is so personal, very personal that it’s heart is to go directly to the source of pain, whether physical, emotional or spiritual and gently touch it. In this sacred, private space where permission is given for the client to respond how it is best for them, this living energy,