Client Story: Kim

Kim started training with me after she returned from a trip to Hawaii. She and her partner had taken a vacation and while there, Kim realized learning to swim was needed. Kim is tall, retired military and a former track and field athlete so much of her strength is in her lower body. She was scared of getting water over her head and only felt comfortable in waist level depths. A beginner with no prior swimming experience.


We started training in July 2018 and worked together on the weekends and then progressed to two days per week. We started with water acclimation, learning how to breathe (exhaling below the water) and learning to float. Back floating was a skill that took Kim several months (over two summer seasons) to master. Having been a track and field athlete, specifically discus she wanted to press down with the hips, pushing the body and spine down and making her sink.

We continued training in the Spring and Summer of 2019. Kim had a goal to compete in the GAG (golden age games) for veterans. The pool used for GAG was 6-8ft deep. Training shifted to help her acclimate to deeper depths where she could not touch the bottom. We spent April – June 2019 developing her treading skills and overcoming her fear of not being able to touch the bottom.Training was paused at the end of August 2019.

If you want to learn the process we used to take Kim from beginning to end, you can book a consultation with me. Swimming is one of the best cardiovascular exercises that we can do. If you have never learned to swim or suffered a traumatic experience, I can help. Every adult can learn how to swim and swim well.

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