Client Story: Sharon

Sharon and I connected after she found me when doing a google search for adult swim instructors. She had taken lessons before but never learned to swim. Suffering from an immense amount of fear of water after witnessing a drowning, her goal at first was simply to become comfortable with being in the water. She told me immediately, and matter of factly that she would not put her head in the water.



We were only able to do shallow water work staying close to the sides. As confidence built, we added in water walking and jogging, then noodle work. We started in mid-July when the weather was warm. When somebody has fear to an oppressive level, you become more of a helper than an instructor. Sharon was given permission to travel her own journey. She would put in a lot of mental work confronting those fears.


Noodle work consisted of core, leg and arm exercises that helped her get comfortable moving into a swimming position (stomach face down), while allowing her to keep her head up and out of the water. We had worked together for about a month and a half when she finally felt comfortable to move into deeper water.


Taking it slow, moving at her pace, she gained the confidence, trust and capability to start learning how to swim. Here she is face-down, in a horizontal streamline swimming position. She believed in herself and did what she did not think was possible. You can read her account of excitement on my reviews page.


If you want to learn the process we used to take Sharon from being afraid, to putting her face in the water reach out to me and let’s talk. Swimming is one of the best cardiovascular exercises that we can do. If you have never learned to swim or suffered a traumatic experience, I can help. Every adult can learn how to swim and swim well.


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