Client Story: Daron

Daron came to me in March, 2019. He was seeking a health change and started teaching himself how to swim. We worked together for three months and progressed him from struggling how to float (back and front) to completing his first open water swim only 5 months after he learned how to swim.



When Daron and I started working together, he was swimming with his head up and legs down. He did not understand how to use his body while swimming. We would start our work helping him understand the difference between moving on land and moving in water.


Within three months, Daron (the one in the white swim cap) with my help had progressed to being able to swim, breathe and maintain a streamlined body position. Through our work he learned proper swimming technique and skills necessary to continue his recreational swimming career. Within 5 months of completing his training with me, he participative in his first 5K Oceanman open water swim.

If you want to learn the process we used to take Daron from beginning to end, you can book a consultation with me. Swimming is one of the best cardiovascular exercises that we can do. If you have never learned to swim or suffered a traumatic experience, I can help. Every adult can learn how to swim and swim well.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column]


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