Love and Healing

It has been quite a ride for the last couple of weeks as I have had the opportunity to work with several individuals completely new to Reiki and Energy Medicine. I applaud their willingness and trust in me as a practitioner to help them through things that they have been struggling with. It has been a learning experience for me as well, as I have often heard the comment “You knew things that you didn’t have any previous knowledge of”.

The repeated comments from different individuals tells me that this living energy is so personal, very personal that it’s heart is to go directly to the source of pain, whether physical, emotional or spiritual and gently touch it. In this sacred, private space where permission is given for the client to respond how it is best for them, this living energy, God’s energy, moves kindly through my hands as I work through the session.

Each need is different, each pain from different sources, but a consistency of light, love and wholeness re-emerges in each session. Even I, as the practitioner, am traveling a pathway of healing with my clients. It is an incredible feeling when you share your gift with someone and their life is changed.

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